Merci à l’espace Aimé Césaire…


  1. www.ladante-nice.fr 19 février, 2023 at 12:43 Répondre

    love your work…..have spent the afternoon with back ache and your website….I met you briefly at the Black Swan Open….you liked my work! I really hate crowds…so for me the private view was difficult…I was not at my best, but thank you so so much for taking the time out to chat to me. I have found your website inspiring….and feel free to count me in if you do some other collaborative projects….yes I now see what you mean you have done a few collaborations! Love the black squares idea wonderful….infact what a talented man you are. Hope you get all your colleges done by christmas. I spent three months posting bits to an artist I did not know, we learnt so much about each other just through our responses, it was a fascinating project. Culminating in a show at museum in the park in stroud, we made a series of ‘raw ribbons’….anyhow just wanted to say hello, and to say if your in Bristol, feel free to come and see me at my studio…. Jilly x

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