Methods to Have Bathroom Sex in a Safe, Satisfying Position

Shower gender can be the best erotic vacation for couples who typically usually obtain steamy jointly. But it can even be a risky endeavor if you know what you’re doing and have absolutely a height difference.

The simplest way to avoid damage is to find a secure, satisfying situation for showering sex. Like that, you can have fun here without sense any worry about slipping down or breaking the hip.

Curve Over Baby: One partner leans against the bathtub wall, the two feet on the ground for balance. The various other partner gets into coming from behind. That is a very stable location that allows intended for both deep penetration and a good sensual experience.

Modified Popularity Missionary: If prone isn’t an alternative, try a modified standing missionary position in the shower, suggests relationship experienced Ness Cooper, whom partnered with Lovehoney to provide her techniques for shower sexual activity.

A leg up on the edge from the tub is yet another great sexual position, says Astroglide’s citizen sexologist Jess O’Reilly. Which because it helps keep your balance, to help you go down on each other.

Use Water-Lubricated Bathroom Toys: Getting along several adult sex toys that are watertight and fully submersible can add to the fun. They’re the fun method to explore innovative ways to feel and satisfaction each other, implies Kate Moyle, intimacy and romantic relationship expert with Lelo.

Using Shower Melt or Physique Wash: Recharging options important to have a lube in the water, suggests Ness. This can lessen the friction between partners and make anal or penile penetration easier, she says.

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