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    It’s the venerable Robert Randisi. He just told me it should be out in April. I need to read #4 myself, thanks for reminding me!–GregThank you for this excellent website. I am trying to read even more articles.Many thanks again!hi all, I was just checkin out this site and I really like the foundation of the article, and have nothing to do, so if anyone would like to to have an engrossing discussion about it, please contact me on POF, my name is jessica robechaudhello! thank you for being an educator on wheat addiction. i had it for 30+ years. i really thought it was a sugar addiction. i stopped eating wheat altogether in Dec. 2020. Brain fog was the first to go. i then had further success by eliminating or lessening leaven too. ihave been eating as many healthy carbs as i need but i don’t crave sugar anymore. i have it sitting in cabinet and rarely use it. I accidentally ate wheat a couple days in a row two weeks ago. i felt likei had the flu, it was that disruptive to my health and activities and mental health! i was emotional depressed, suicidal, i was hungry but not full or satisfied, couldn’t sleep properly. I went to a dietician for over 5 years. she neverdiscovered it. I was on antidepressants for 35 years. i have been off them since Oct 2020.

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